About Us

THE BEAT DANCE STUDIO – owned by Gill Bingham and Leigh Bingham. These two sisters have been in the dance business for over 30 years, and still loving it!

Gill is highly qualified in the American Style of dancing, International Style of dancing, and excels in Theatre Arts. She manages the Centurion Studio with tight financial control, outstanding organizational skills, and is fanatical about good dance training and service. She is also a good dance choreographer, especially when it comes to floor shows. Her preference lies with the Latin and Theatre Arts performances.

Leigh has been dancing since the age of 5, qualifying in Ballet, Modern dancing, Classical Greek, then moving into the Ballroom and Latin style of dancing. She was the National Examiner and CEO of Fred Astaire Franchised Studios, South Africa. Bored with the old fashioned ideas of the Ballroom and Latin American dance studios, she decided it was time to get with the times and develop a dance syllabus that was modern, trendy and user friendly – thus THE BEAT!
Apart from the social syllabus, Leigh also produces a stage show once a year in which the students participate. Her forte – taking amateur dancers and turning them into stars. Dancing is her business!