Dancing benefits one in so many unexpected ways, including improving your health, increasing your confidence, expanding your social life, enhancing relaxation and having fun.


Dancing is an aerobic activity which improves fitness, muscle tone and calorie burning.  It is low-impact and increases balance, flexibility and strength as well as improving posture.  Feeling fit and toned always enhances one’s self image and dancing is such an enjoyable way to attain this.


Dancers project an aura of self-confidence and an ability to enjoy themselves in social situations.  As your dance skill improves you will gain a new outlook on life and this confidence will transfer to other areas of your life, enhancing your popularity in general.


We currently have four group classes and two practice sessions per week which not only improve your dance skills but also enable you to meet people in a safe, low-pressure environment.  Our studio currently consists of approxiamately 70% single people and 30% couples – a wonderful place to enhance your circle of friends or meet that special someone.


In our current hectic world we often don’t find time for ourselves.  Dancing provides a temporary escape from the outside pressures allowing us to relax and revitalise.


Dancing is an exciting way to get fit and express ourselves in a safe, friendly environment.  Join us and have fun whilst acquiring a wonderful social skill!


Read more about the emotional and mental benefits of dance here.

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